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A wet bar in your home can transform any boring old room, into a gathering place for friends and family alike. Wet bars are normally small countertops with sinks that can be used to serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to guest in your home, now many might say what is the purpose of a wet bar as opposed to just a regular dry bar countertop. Well, for starters a wet bar can help facilitate the process of creating, mixing, and serving drinks to guest much faster than your regular dry bar set up. The reason being is that the sink attached to your wet bar can allow for cups and glasses to be cleaned at a much faster rate without having to leave the room or change out your glasses every 10 minutes; however, the advantages of a wet bar don’t stop there as it will provide you a place to also store your beverages in some cases and even help preserve your kitchen countertops and space by giving you another gathering area in your home. 



Wet bars come in many different sizes and shapes that can be easily installed into your home. At Imex Stone we help bring your wet bars to life and really give it an identity of it’s own by offering a wide selection of materials to build your wet bar with. Below you’ll notice some of the most popular materials our team has used in the past to help bring other wet bar dreams to life.  

  • Granite Wet Bars  When it comes to wet bars often times you’ll be faced with many potential stains or even damages caused over time; however, by using granite countertops for your wet bar you can effectively mitigate or reduce these risk as granite is a material that is not only stainless but also chip resistant perfect for all of your wet bar needs. 
  • Quartz Wet Bars –  Often times wet bars tend to be a very popular edition to any home, and because of this you have to be aware of all the germs and bacteria that can get attached or rest on its surface. By using quartz for your homes wet bar you help to negate this risk as quartz is a non porous material that aside from it’s beautiful touch also can help keep your homes surfaces including your wet bar clean and bacteria free.
  • Marble Wet Bars – Take a moment and think of the most beautiful countertops you could imagine and often times you’ll be immediately met with the image of a smooth yet fashionable countertop made of marble, and this is no mistake as marble tends to be one of the most well known and luxurious wet bar materials you could have in your home as it’s sleek yet bright light refractions create a stunning look that would make any wet bar stand out. 

Imex Stone in Fort Myers provides a variety of materials for your wet bars including but not limited to the options listed above, for more information on each stone we offer please visit our product page where you’ll be shown other options we offer. 


When installing a wet bar in your home it’s important that you hire an expert such as the ones at Imex Stone as we not only guarantee the installation of your wet bar but also the safety of your home during our installation process. For more information on Imex Stone and all of our stone selections and services including wet bar installation contact our team either through our website using one of our contact forms or for immediate assistance give our team a call using the call now button located below and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer to all of your questions or concerns that you may. 

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