About IMEX Stone

What Makes IMEX as
Strong and Special as Our Stones

We like to do things differently than your average stoneworkers through:

Fair market pricing.

We pride ourselves in working with you and your budget for projects big or small. Our cutting-edge equipment helps us to waste less and reuse more materials so we can offer you better prices.


Accurate estimates.

Some stone companies provide an initial quote that looks nothing like your final costs. Not us. We gather the right information to provide reliable quotes in the beginning and inform you of adjustments as needed, with complete transparency.


Unique stones.

It’s not uncommon to order your countertop from a catalog, but at IMEX, you can visit our showroom and pick THE STYLE of stone for your home. Our customers love having the ability to be picky and find the perfect, unique pattern.


Quality, attention and results.

Whether it’s one-on-one help from someone in our showroom or trusting our installers to treat your home and your stone project with care, we aim to provide honest recommendations and quality results. We are also proud to offer a large inventory of our stone products at Home Depot stores across Florida for your convenience!


Start Exploring the Possibilities

Curious about our work? Want to see our wide variety of stone selections? We’re here to help you get started with your project.