Pool Ledge Installation

Fort Myers


When it comes to hot temperatures the Fort Myers area is no stranger to this type of weather and neither are its residents. For that reason many individuals have resorted to building pools on their properties to beat that Fort Myers heat, but what if we told you there was a way to take your pool to the next level with one of our pool ledge installations. Our pool ledge installers come equip with tons of different stone materials and years of experience building beautiful pool ledges for tanning or just relaxing poolside with the family. This pool ledges are built to last for years to come and can really transform the look of not only your pool, but also your backyard as a whole. For more information on our pool ledge installation service click the button below where you’ll be connected with a member of our pool ledge installation team to answer all of your questions. 



  • Beautiful Hangout Spot  A pool ledge can be a great place to relax or cool down after swimming laps for exercise or maybe even just having a nice drink after a hard day of work. Whatever the case may be a pool ledge is a perfect area to find your happy place and get some nice relaxing time in the water. 


  • Safe Spot For Children – Often times the water can be a scary place for young children as it can present many dangers especially when they are unable to touch the floor; however, the nice shallow depths of a pool ledge provide a safe place where your children can get their feet wet and enjoy playing in the water with adult supervision. 


  • Increase The Value Of Your Home – Often times when people see or think of pools on a property they normally associate that with luxury, but for those who really want to drive up the value of their home wait until you add a pool ledge onto your pool. This sudden touch really ties everything together and shouts high value from the rooftops. 


Finding someone to install your pool ledge in the Fort Myers area can be a difficult task especially when you need it just the way you like or specific material to tie everything together. Luckily the experts at Imex Stone not only have expert installers but we also showcase a large number of stones and materials to build your pool ledge that way you never have to stress or worry. For more information on our pool ledge installation services feel free to contact our team using one of the forms found on our website or for more immediate assistance feel free to give our team a call using the button below where you’ll be connected to a team member at our Fort Myers location who can help make your pool ledge dreams comes true.  

Fort Myers