Kitchen Countertop Installation

Kitchen Countertop


When it comes to your home one of the most underrated areas is the kitchen, and the reason for that is many individuals spend hours a day either cooking, talking, or maybe even just hanging out there despite never realizing it. For that reason it’s important that your kitchen is designed to your liking; however, getting it there can be a tough task as there as so many different design aspects for the perfect kitchen. You have things such as the sinks, stoves, and even the flooring but no aspect is more important to a kitchens design than the countertops. Kitchen countertops do a great job to not only give you a sturdy surface but also to reflect light in such a way that gives a nice shine to any kitchen. Our team here at Imex Stone understands the importance of these kitchen countertops which is why our team of experts offers kitchen countertop installation services for your Fort Myers home. Don’t stress about the design of your kitchen anymore, instead contact our kitchen countertop installation experts for more information on our kitchen countertop installation services 



When it comes to kitchen countertops our Fort Myers location not only installs them, but we also offer a variety of different materials to choose from. Below you’ll find three of our most popular kitchen countertop options that our customers love.

  • Granite Kitchen Countertops when it comes to kitchen countertops there are many great options but none is safer and more visually aesthetic than granite. Granite kitchen countertops are made from a strong material that is both stain and heat resistant which is perfect for homeowners who are looking for an extra level of protection for their kitchen countertops 


  • Quartz Kitchen Countertops – If you are hesitant about some of the other materials out there for your kitchen countertop then quartz might be the choice for you. Quartz is great for a variety of reasons such as its consistency in both look and durability with an added bonus of being bacteria-free as quartz is a non-porous material meaning it is almost impossible for bacteria to penetrate the surface of your kitchen countertop. 


  • Marble Kitchen Countertops – When it comes to kitchen countertops often times you’ll find that many people immediately look for marble material, and rightfully so as marble provides a unique look that is unmatched by any other stone in its class. Another huge positive is that marble tends to be more affordable than many other options making it a go to for all of your kitchen countertop needs. 

Imex Stone in Fort Myers provides a variety of materials for your kitchen countertops including but not limited to the options listed above, for more information on each stone we offer please visit our product page where you’ll be shown other options we offer. 


If you’re a resident of the Fort Myers or surrounding areas and you are in need of kitchen countertop installation services, give our team at Imex Stone a call. Our team of experts has years of experience in the field dealing with kitchen countertops of all materials and variations. If you have any additional questions or concerns you would like answered before scheduling an installation give our team a call at 239-206-5751 or stop by our Fort Myers location and speak with one of our experts as we are always here to help you. Don’t let your kitchen be boring or bland instead let Imex Stone and our expert team of kitchen countertop installers give you a hand. 

Kitchen Countertop