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Bathroom Countertop


It’s said that on average an individual will spend roughly 30 minutes in the bathroom everyday which translates to about 182 hours a year,  and with all that time spent in your bathroom it’s important that your bathroom is to your liking and what better way to ensure that than with the perfect bathroom countertop. Our team of experts at Imex Stone provide an affordable and quality bathroom countertop installation service to all of the residents in the Fort Myers and surrounding areas that is set to take your bathroom to the next level. Stop spending your 30 minutes a day in a bland bathroom that isn’t to your liking, instead give Imex Stone in Fort Myers a call today for more information on all our bathroom countertop options and installation services.      



Bathroom countertops can do a great job of really tying a bathroom together and portraying whatever image you would like to family or friends; however, it’s important that you choose the correct material for your bathroom countertops in order to get that sleek new look you’re searching for. Below are some of Imex Stone’s most popular bathroom countertop options along with some of the advantages each has to offer.

  • Granite Bathroom Countertops Whether it’s toothpaste, razors, or even just years of wear and tear over on your bathroom countertops, getting a new granite countertop is a great idea as it is the go to material for bathroom countertops as they provide a strong material that is both stain and chip resistant while remaining widely affordable to the general population. 


  • Quartz Bathroom Countertops – Nobody likes germs or bacteria in their home, and when you have a high traffic area like a bathroom where guest are constantly coming in and out it can be hard to avoid; however, materials like Quartz which are non porous provide a major advantage in the fight against bacteria and germs as they make it hard for them to slip into holes or seams by providing a smooth flat surface making it a great option for your home. 


  • Marble Bathroom Countertops – When you think of high end countertops often times people immediately refer to marble countertops as they are the face of the countertop industry with their unique look and unmatched shine. If you are looking to really brighten up your bathroom or change the overall appearance having a marble countertop can do exactly that.  

Imex Stone in Fort Myers provides a variety of materials for your bathroom countertops including but not limited to the options listed above, for more information on each stone we offer please visit our product page where you’ll be shown other options we offer. 


We understand that finding a countertop that’s perfect for your bathroom can be a difficult task to master and even more so when you have to find the proper crew to install it; however, let our experts at Imex Stone take some of the pressure off of you by not only providing you with different materials for your bathroom countertops but also by letting us install your countertop for you. Our team of bathroom countertop installers is located in Fort Myers and with just one quick phone call one of our team members will be happy to help get you situated and answer any questions you may have about our materials or our installation process. For more information on Imex Stone call today. 
Bathroom Countertop