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Tired of companies who drag their feet or charge you significantly more than their estimate?

Don’t waste extra time or money.

Here at IMEX Stone, we gather the right information to provide reliable quotes and make adjustments as needed for complete transparency.

Just One Quick Sketch

Although pictures of your actual space are helpful, what’s most beneficial for our drafters and installers is a project plan drawing.

It’s not hard to doodle up!

Remember, the more detailed your sketch and measurements, the better equipped we are to give you an accurate quote.

We aim to look at all submitted drawings and touch base within 48 hours, so you can move forward with your plans as quickly as possible.

IMEX Stone

Download Your Template

Before we can get started helping you, we need to know what space we’re working with— and oftentimes, it’s easiest to simply show us!

Your drawing should include the following:

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