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Granite Fabricators

Our experienced granite fabricators will come to your location and create an exact countertop "template" to ensure the best possible fit of your countertops at installation. There are a number of requirements that need to be met before we arrive to ensure an accurate template is made and that your granite countertops are fabricated properly.

Existing countertops, if any, will need to be completely removed. Removal of the existing countertops is an additional service that is not included in your countertop price. Tear out requirements include removal and disposal of old countertops, plumbing or electrical disconnects, and leveling (from the bottom of the cabinets only). If you do the removal yourself please check to ensure that the cabinets are level to within 1/8” over a 12 foot span. If you elect not to use a backsplash we will need the existing backsplash removed prior to template.

All new cabinets are required to be set and secured prior to template. All new sinks, cooktops, and other appliances should be on-site for accurate measurements.

When our granite fabricators arrive for final measurements, we ask that you have countertops cleared and work area free of objects. This will help us to finish the template efficiently, and will also protect your items from any dust or damage. During this phase we make a pattern of your cabinets, please allow a couple hours for this process.

  • Seam placement will be determined
  • Sinks, faucets and ranges must be on-site and checked for fit
  • Cabinets are checked for necessary
  • Edge preferences will be discussed
  • Details like overhangs and radius corners will be addressed

Changes at template may affect your price.

Once the template is completed, we begin the fabrication process at our facility. In most instances we are able to have your countertops fabricated and installed in less than a week from the time of template.

To find out more about the installation process, view our Countertop Installation page.

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