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Granite Countertops Care and Maintenance

Granite is a practical and durable countertop material that also adds great value to a home. It will retain its luster and shine for years to come as long as it is properly maintained. The following instruction will help you successfully care for your new investment.

    • NEVER use products which contain ammonia. Over time this chemical will dull the finish of the stone and make it more porous.
      • NO WINDEX
      • NO 409
    • If something is stuck on the surface, use DOUBLE 00 FINE STEEL WOOL or a SINGLE BLADE RAZOR to remove the residue. Do not get the steel wool wet. It will rust and leave stains on the sink and countertop.
    • Use ANTI-BACTERIAL DISH SOAP AND WATER for everyday cleaning. You can also purchase specialized granite cleaners at home your improvement store.
    • You may cut directly on the stone surface. However, we recommend using a cutting board because some stones scratch easily and repeated cutting on the stone will dull your knives.
    • Hot pots and pans may be placed directly on the stone’s surface without the use of a hot pad. DO NOT SLIDE the pot or pan around on the surface; it could contain metal spurs that will scratch the finish.
    • Because white or lighter granite surfaces have a tendency to be quite porous and absorbent, a single stain can ruin the effect of your white granite surface. Spills should be immediately wiped with a mixture of warm water and liquid dish soap. Only use WHITE dish towels or paper towels to wipe the countertops. Colored dish towels and sponges contain dyes that could penetrate the stone.
    • If your granite is being used in an outdoor application, ALWAYS have the stone covered by an awning or tarp. Direct sun exposure will burn the stone, much like anything else left in the direct sun for extended periods of time. We recommend a UV sealer as often as every month if needed depending on the amount of direct sunlight. This acts as a sunscreen to protect the stone from burning.

    The internet gives conflicting opinions on care and maintenance of stones, including the sealing of stones. We give you a suggestion based on your specific stone as to the care and maintenance. This is because not all natural stones are porous enough to accept sealers and some stone are very porous and need to be sealed often.

    Sealing your stone is not a difficult process and it only takes a few minutes. Granite sealer can be purchased from your local home improvement store, and it should have UV protection if your granite is being used in an outdoor application. If you are unable to locate the sealer please contact IMEX Stone and we will be happy to order it for you. To learn more about sealing granite and other natural stone, visit our Sealing Granite page.

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